This Morning

I opened my eyes this morning not knowing where the day would lead me,

but i followed anyway just to see.

Stumbling from left to right as if the path was oblique,

but it was dead infront of me,

Dead as the Blue Lotus that grow in Egypt that many dont know,

yet the knowledge is there like your feet, do they not grow?

My feet begin to bleed, crunch, crackle and splat,

Stepping through the grass unaware that its a field of glass.

Digging deep into the epidermis of my toes but do i stop, HELL NO!

I begin to crawl becasue my feeet will no longer press, 

but my mind, oh my mind it kicks in so that my feet may take a rest,

it tells me to be persistant, unceasing, unrelieved which grew my heart to believe

So that i did.

Now that the God Horus has calmed so must I,

I must reach my destination and be willing to do so before I die

so I thank the morning for opening my vison for now i have a misson

A misson which only i can see

through my eyes. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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