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I’ve traveled to many countries, Met people white black and brown, I’ve seen beautiful locales,
This pen drips grief Red as the pain Pumping through my heart As it begs for release.   Time stops, Reversing my pain Into an emptiness, Comforting apathy.  
I. I am saturated in vivid hues Painted by my culture, A life I didn’t choose, Mere stone formed into a sculpture. These decisions are not mine, A stranger’s language spoken,
Give me a blind man and I'll teach him to see I'll tell him that his eyes are useless because the world isn't always what it seems
Welcome to the jungle, friends welcome scavengers, welcome predators, welcome ungrateful beasts. welcome free birds of which I so aspire.   Welcome flowers and cats. Welcome ladybug.
Human heart black as night; Darkness depth beyond our sight. A dusk posions this beautiful world. Soul of child still white and pure, Turns grey with loss of our demure. Does face exist without this tarnish?
Sometimes we lie. No one is truly perfect
You’d be surprised how much power we have over our own minds. I imagine survival back before our times and the development that required. They used their brains and had too. Using each part and functioning as one form.
The way we see ourselves is a very powerful thing. It not only builds or breaks the fortress around us it allows others to step into our realms and puncture our castles. It displays vulnerability and hides destruction.
We all strive for perfection, for peace But peace is a fragile thing Just like the line separating Utopias and Dystopias A Utopia can easily become a Dystopia
When at a door a common thing Is to knock your hand on that door. But is that door meant to be knocked on? Is your hand meant to knock?   Or is your hand meant to build that door
Honesty Is not a virtue that will get you anywhere Deception Now, that is the truth for which I care A man born mortal is a man who lies
Black.   I turn to the square. It’s light immense, mesmerizing, captivating. And there’s color. So much color. I can’t stop myself from looking.
If i could cry the ocean drywould the color of my eyes wash out?And would my mouth be permanently downcastIf i stopped smiling for years to come?Would i forget how?If smiling takes less muscles than to frown
Have you ever had to deal with the pain, deal with the tears?Deal with the weight of the sadness that comes with a broken heart? Maybe you have, but have you had to deal with these all by yourself, 
Is it wrong to feel unwantedIn a world so bigIs it bad to feel haunted By something you never did Is it scary to question Why we're all even here?Or is it human nature...To fear?
I'm ready to float away on a cloud and let the wind blow me away and stop me when I'm where I belong. I wanna get away, get away, get away and push away the fact that I'm human
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