Do You Know?

You think you know me

You think you can read me

You think you see me for me

But in reality I hide behind the lies

I hide behind your ignorance

Do you really know me

Do I really know you

together for so long

you think you could see

how I feel about you

but you don’t

you don't even know

that every time I say

I love you

I mean I truly Love You

with all of my heart  

I try to put into words how I feel

But of course the words evade my grasp

Can’t you even see through my poker face

Do you even see the hurt in  my eyes when you

talk about him or her

known me for so long But yet

you don’t even realize how important you are to me

You can’t even begin to imagine how my heart aches

for you every time you are hurt or sad  

you can’t even begin to realize how much it hurts

to hear you call me sweetheart, dear, or  My love

but I know you don’t mean it

in the way I want you too

and It’s ok with me

I would rather keep our friendship

than risk telling you the truth

Do you know you're one of the most important people in my life

Do you know that every day I only want to talk to you

Do you know I love every imperfection about you.

Do you know I love every mistake you make

Do know how much I love you

So Tell Me Do You Know.


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