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The flock finds nothing to worry about. For with the cold sun, It shall fly south.   The lion wrinkles not Despite its kindred loss.
I try to breathe in and out Throat feels thick and no breath comes Body shakes deep in the bones I cry out from stress around me I feel it all bouncing on and off me I am a sounding board for the hurt
Life and Journey, Two different meanings One connotation. Education is extremely imortant so they say. Money will make your life easier so they say. But were we really put onto this earth,
If you want to live, Live! feel the breeze caress your face as you walk on the stars
I feel trapped inside of my own body.
Come Take a seat Take off your load Tell me about your day as i try to rid your stress let me take your hair down as you let your hair down unload your troubles for today i am your psychiatrist
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