Loosening The Bolts


I feel trapped inside of my own body. My mind wants to stay and soak in as much as it can, but my physical body can not stand the interminable waiting period for escape. My adrenaline is moving quicker than ever and my pulse is rapid. Anxiety is in control now. I feel myself slipping away. The box is still visible, however the boards are loosening and I can finally take in a breath. Unknowingly, that breath was only sudden. For the box is again tightening its bolts and the space is spindling to a mere crawl space. I'm suffocating. Help! The pressure is too strong and the space is far too tiny! My air supply is running low and shortly I will not slip away to salvation, but to a pitiful and infinite slumber. No one can help me. This is my own battle and only the mind can free me. My physical body is only what the mind allows it to be. I realize that I have the capability to escape. But do I want to? Do I want to free myself from the stress and tiredness? Any normal person would say, "Yes." The strange thing about it is that it is what keeps me moving; it's what keeps me motivated. The single breath of fresh air is all I need to relinquish myself from stress and the world around me. I have reached equilibrium now. I am satisfied with the result, and I am happy.

Don't let stress take over your body. Be level-headed, know what you want, and do whatever you can to achieve it. Your mind is the only thing holding you back.


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