Hair Style


United States
32° 29' 43.0116" N, 85° 0' 46.6236" W

Take a seat
Take off your load
Tell me about your day
as i try to rid your stress
let me take your hair down
as you let your hair down
unload your troubles
for today i am your psychiatrist
let me walk you to the bowl
to wash away the impurities of
the life you want to journey from
if only for a minute
is your scalp tender?
i can massage your soul
through my finger tips
as i massage your head while
your worries fall down the drain...
now for the rince...
this is the time to say goodbye
to the world for a minute
as every peice of sorrow and tenseness
follows the shampoo off your head
like water off a ducks back
now lets go back to the chair
i have a special hair style for you
i like to call it confidence...
because you're beautiful
i and i vow that this day
you will know it
and so will the world.


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