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   Spacing out. That look in my eyes that you despise  but I am too far gone, To notice. When you ask the question If you’d ask the question Not, “Wake up, Miss!”
All come in, all sit down. Some sync-in, others clown around. None of their minds quite truly receive The insightful investment they need to succeed.  
If you only knew the thoughts that roamed in my head My presence in your classroom you’d dread
To teach in schools today, You must be one of us. You must laugh at dirty jokes, And make references that we get. It’s not hard, I promise there’s a way We may kick and scream a raise a fuss
I write because I never could throw a punch. I never could run fast enough jump high enough or beat you in sports at recess, But I could run circles around your head with unparalleled linguistic prowess. I spoke daggers,
Her eyes burning, Her nose running, Her heart slowing, as the tears drip down her flushed pale face, the voices remind her of destruction deep inside, They steal her dreams leaving night terrors behind,
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