disney princess prince fairytale

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A sigh was all it took  To make his sorrow grow As he whispered it into  The night   Leaning against the bannister His blue eyes searched the Vast darkness ahead of him
Once upon a time A mermaid was curious About life on land   Ariel could talk But her life would be shortened With each word she spoke   She loved a human
Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady living beneath her means This beautiful lady named "Cinderella" then said something that made him think "Although my name is Cinderella perhaps I am the Underground Queen"
Once upon a time, not so long ago an average girl had an average life. She did not sing, she did not dance, she did not have powers. Snow White was just over her life. 
Aren't you tired of everyone expecting the girl to be a damsel in distress  Girls are strong  Girls are smart Girls are strategic Girls are independent  We can do it all  We can save ourselves 
Stepping out onto the red carpeted glass steps of the staircase, Sparkling yellow heels clink with each step Shimmering, glistening, golden ball gown flowing behind her
Once upon a time,  There was a girl. This girl wasn’t pretty. She wasn’t smart. She wasn’t successful.
If one day my prince will come And sweep me off my feet I promise him I will not run If he makes my life complete.
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