The Blissful Enchantment

Stepping out onto the red carpeted glass steps of the staircase,

Sparkling yellow heels clink with each step

Shimmering, glistening, golden ball gown flowing behind her

Shining, bright, beaming brown eyes looking into the fantastic old castle

Soft brown curls bounce and dance with every movement, pinned up by a golden clip

Yellow-gloved hands reach and grasp the railing

Rosy red cheeks and lips smile brightly as she makes her entrance


Freshly groomed and grinning,

Bright blue coat, edged with gold,

Deep black pants with a seam of gold,

Shoeless, yet motionless

With hair tied back by a bow.


Her steps are soft yet loud, with nerves filling her up

She sees him, just as he notices her, and they stand breathless,

Ready for the blissful enchanting evening to follow.

They meet at the center of the grand staircase

She bows her head and curtseys, he bows with his arm across his torso

His hand extends towards hers, and she places it in his palm


Their steps echo through the halls of the large mansion,

The ball room floor quiets them as the dancing begins.

Step back, step forward, twirl and flow to the rhythmic music being sung by the teapot

Tale as Old as Time,

Song as Old as Rhyme,

Beauty and the Beast


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