Cinderella's Found

Once upon a time there was a beautiful lady living beneath her means

This beautiful lady named "Cinderella" then said something that made him think

"Although my name is Cinderella perhaps I am the Underground Queen"

Don't say that in front of my stepmother though or there will not be a happy ending for me

This charming guy named Pryce didn't quite understand how many butterflies he seemed to create

As her jealous stepsisters saw the sneaking they were appalled and used it as bait

"She's a pig, she's the maid, she's disgusting in every way"

"How about we tell mom and she'll make her days worst, hurray"

Cinderella cleaned and cleaned which seemed to not be enough

She only did it to get what she wanted but little did she know that wouldn't occur

"May I attend mask off night it's a once in a lifetime chance"

"No you may not you have attic duties and then it's straight to bed"

The stepsisters and stepmother laughed and went away until midnight beautifully

As for Cinderella.. she looked how she felt, had a broom with moppy hair pitifully

She was depressed as she cleaned then the lightbulb in her head went ding!

Enough was finally enough so she put her mask on and hired many to clean

When she arrived the charming fellow was standing by the drinks

Her stepsisters were plotting so she executed the plan quickly\

They talked, they vibed, they had a drink then went for a dance

The stepsisters disliked not knowing who was under the mask but couldn't do anything but stare

As they went in for a delightful kiss the clock striked 12

She quickly ran off into the night as her iPhone fell onto the red carpet

He ran after her, but saw nothing except for the phone

It was unlocked luckily with nothing up but her blog

No signs pointed to it being Cinderella.. no pictures contacts or identity

It must've been a business phone because even the blog was used loosely

That night he couldn't sleep without knowing whom his heart had connected with

Even the blog was beautiful, the way of wording he fell in love with

Pryce couldn't live without knowing so he set up a booth

While sitting at the booth he'd write a meaning of the quote as every potential person would have to quote it exactly how it originally was

A week went by and many posers fled in, even the stepsisters tried to participate but everyone knew they weren't a good fit

On the last day of the booth Cinderella gave it a try 

The try was on point as she wrote it and said it so gracefully which caught everyone's eye

How was she the one when she couldn't even attend the night unless she had snuck which made the twins go at it again

Stepmother wasn't pleased by this because Cinderella wasn't the twins

How could an "uncharming prick" like her get someone like him?

"While we go to dinner you'll have to clean the whole inside and outside of the house dear thing"

Stepmother thought that she was winning not realizing she fell into a trap

As she left Cinderella packed, Pryce snuck her out and everything else was a wrap

Cinderella was nice enough to leave a note, but when the family returned everyone was stuck

In their eyes she disappeared without a trace, but in reality she had relocated within that "Aruba Place"

Shortly after the occurence of this Cinderella was born again 

She finally knew what happiness was and it was because of him



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