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People often realize  they can endure more than they thought they could when enduring becomes the only option.  But sometimes- when people can't endure- they break. break a little, 
When hearts are breaking and feelings are getting removed, what else is left to do but put the pedal to the medal and say no love no love. Why else would I stay or why else would you leave?
Tossed aside one too many times, Unpredictable to say the least; Breaking past barriers and lines, Like unleashing a ravening beast.   Angry and ever intensifying, Making cautious all who are near;
Your words meant a lot to me... but now they mean nothing... you told me I was different... I believed you because your words meant something... but now they mean nothing...
Memories and memories running through my head. I hate thinking of all that you said. All those lies and all those words didn’t mean a thing. I used to think you were my everything.
Sometimes relationships can be difficult. Trying to work things out might not come clean. All the drama and arguments is nothing new. Everyday is just another bad day. People always have feelings for each other.
With all the pain, and struggles, and tears I’ve cried. It’s all building up, I can no longer hide The slits on my wrist Nor the bruises on my body. I pray one day I can meet that somebody
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