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Memories and memories running through my head.

I hate thinking of all that you said.

All those lies and all those words didn’t mean a thing.

I used to think you were my everything.

Sadly, this relationship didn’t work out; all it does is bring my smile to a frown.

When I met you my whole world turned upside down.

You lit the spark in my heart to a fuse.

I did not think you were someone I would lose.

I never felt so betrayed.

All you left me with was hate.

I’m just saying I wish it was fate.

I didn’t think I would be this torn

You left me lonely, broken and forlorn.

How can cheating be so easy?

Was my love not that pleasing?

Don’t tell me it had no meaning.

Going behind my back and scheming.

It was only the start.

But you broke my heart.

I didn’t think it would all fall apart.

You have no heart.

You just needed to take a fart.

But first I got a pop tart.

Everything seems silly.

But that’s okay, Willy.

I mean everything I’m saying.

So don’t think that I’m playing.

This isn’t a game.

Oh! What a shame.

That I gave you my love.

Now I’m in pain.

I’m crying, I’m sobbing,

I can’t leave my room.

I’m scaring myself with what I might do.

I didn’t think it would come to this.

I thought you were my friend.

You left me with no other choice.

So this is the end.

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This was really good heartbreaking and has a twist at the end

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