Why Should I?

When hearts are breaking and feelings are getting removed, what else is left to do but put the pedal to the medal and say no love no love. Why else would I stay or why else would you leave? I tried and bleed for the appreciation I thought I thought I needed, but wait, hold on, now we held it all together in th beginning before the stormy weather, before you got to see how bad I was inside and yes, I might have made you cried, but I was again I apologize now we here sitting back to back trying to figure where the hell did the love that we thought we had would never run out. Oh shit, yeah you right. It was puppy but my feelings getting fluffy now that I think about it, who in the hell told my ass I could ever be without it. Now that my feelings of regret will never be my in soul coz I told you of my goal and shit I made it half way home. Touchdown? No not ever not with you but the next boo i'll do something new. Say i promise they'll never know the secrets of my past.

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