finding peace

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Crutches. Two of them. One strapped to each arm.   That’s the first thing they see, But do they see me?   Stares.
Her sleeves of compassion juice my mind Materalism tears seem to grow wings of kind this rain waxes new worlds oh the juice of my brain Set my sample fantasies on blind edge, broken heart
Dear men in my life,   There is so much chaos running through my body Through my veins, Through my mind, Through my soul.  Where can I go To find true peace and happiness?   Love
Change It enveloped me in its deep stronghold Waves crashed over me As rain hurled down its fists College-the magnitude Wave to wave- thought to thought Loss of a friend- in the embrace of angels
My body is a sieve. Full of holes, yet still whole. And intact.   It's a bit rusty in places- once shiny and new, the metal frame is tainted,
If the flowers stopped blooming and the cold never came, I wouldn't mindII'd whine night and day, and realistically wouldn't be able to handle it, but I wouldn't mind.
Oh Trampoline, those times I spent laying in the center of it at my happiest with a hard back book on my chest
You are hundred miles away In a place you don’t want to stay. You left your hometown to make your parents proud And now you just feel lost, like you can’t be found.
On a couple of occasions I’ll imagine him as a proud Greek hero, Only a mere eighteen years of age, Who has been sent down from the thunderous white clouds of the heavens To fight the nasty creatures that lurk the earth
Stay here as you walk through life; I will hold your hand when you are far. Here, I am there with you in the dark. Fear not the happiness of yesteryear; They will return to you in the distant.
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