The Melancholy of Vishnu

So many tools

At my disposal

The wings of Garuda

A powerful parrot

We speak back and forth

Discussing our days

The thought of the future

Transforms what we say

As night time approaches

So does a brother

The next morning Brahma

While I sit in day

Existing in limbo

I’m fixed in the center

A virtue of balance

I fear I stagnate

A new me each day

Like Rama or Krishna

My vision is clear

I fear none but self

The evils approach me

I never could sway

My days spent in nature

While wasting away

Shiva and Brahma

Extremes I may envy

My heart is content

My will never bending

However I long

For some sort of rush

I think of my Lakshmi

Whose heart I had crushed


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Our world


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