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I believe my vote doesn’t matter. You’d rather register a person with a gun license Than my student ID number. You say you need a picture, which I have,
I have got to love my husband  He has done so much for me He took me from my home And has made some money for me   I have got to love my husband He gave me the ring We danced under the stars
I have always heard the world whisper your biggest flaw is my conscience Because in words I convince you a universe of me.
Women of the world: Our Right To Vote is FREE! Be counted in the few, Than be cast aside in the many. We have a voice & we deserve for it to be heard clearly. Unclog your ears, Male Species!
With our flags, banners, and voices, We march. With tired bodies, overworked minds, and children in our arms, We march. For our daughters, granddaughters, and future generations, We march.
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