Free The Vote!


United States
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Women of the world: Our Right To Vote is FREE!
Be counted in the few,
Than be cast aside in the many.
We have a voice & we deserve for it to be heard clearly.
Unclog your ears, Male Species!
The calvary is here!
You can rest easy.
For we are strong, powerful,
Proud, incorrigible,
Competent, lovable,
Tall, infallible,
Unwavering, undeniable,
Strapped, Prepared, & Ready for battle!
Its our right to VOTE,
And we want it NOW!
Today is almost done,
Tomorrow may never come,
And yesterday is already gone.
We will fight to the win,
Blood, sweat, and tears to our inevitable finish.
You will accept & come to understand:
No longer oppressed,
Relentless in our quest.
We could wear the pants and tie,
Be chained to a wall,
Stuck in a tight bind,
Stumble around but never fall,
And still do what you do the BEST!
Take pride in who we are,
For we may never be this way again.
Standing tall, prevailers of all!
More than conquerors we shall be,
Sweet & fine like sugar, sticky & tasty like honey.
Watch us strut for our ballots,
March for our rights.
Prim, proper, & stylish,
Strong in our fight.
Respect The Skirt, Gentleman!
Heed our protests & requests, Congressman!
Treat us as an equal & not an opposite, Husbands!
For as ladies with the right to vote as we deserve,
We hold all the cards in our hands!
Harvey said it best:
"Act Like A Lady, And Think Like A Man!"


Amy Green

I hope that you enjoy this poem about the Women's Suffarage Movement. It was a movement based on the women of America wanting their right to vote in the early 1900's. It was fought by many great & powerful women such as Susan B. Anthony, Ida B. Wells, etc. Do remember & reflect on how far this movement has helped move & change America as well as inspired the world we live in around us. Thank You.


After this past election it was great to read this piece. It is always hard to hear that those who can have not taken their chances to go out and vote. After everything our ancestors have done for us, it’s something we should use to our advantage. Thank you for writing this piece. It was witty and funny at times but still all the more true. Good luck in the contest!

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