Tactical Restrictions

I believe my vote doesn’t matter.

You’d rather register a person with a gun license

Than my student ID number.

You say you need a picture, which I have,

But we all know you only need my mailing location

For my identification.

Your laws have deprived me

My right to vote,

You, clearly, don’t represent people of color

Because Brian Kemp kicked 300,000 African Americans

From voter registration

Because he knew we would vote for Stacy Abrams

Ladies and Gentlemen of Georgia

Clap it up for your deviant Secretary of State.

Who cleared his obstacles to be

The higher percentage governor candidate.

Salute to the American flag

That never cared about my rights

Of course, statistics never lie

31st place out of 35.

For democratic countries

Of voter turnout rates.

The Organization for

Economic Cooperation and Development

Serves out truths than eating monetary settlements.

Something as simple as stealing can

Cause my disenfranchisement.

Florida, I applaud your deviousness.

After 2 decades

My thief is no longer compared to a victim’s death

Your Amendment 4 restores my First Amendment

Under the U.S government.

But you feel confliction with my decision.

Even though I went through several revisions.

But I am grateful for November 6, 2018

Where 1.4 million people

Were released from voter quarantine

I’m just saying that if this country wants to strive

We need to have more lines

At voter locations in order to thrive.

Because it seems we are voting for the past

And not the future.

Millennials’ votes are overtaken by Silent Greatest and Baby Bloomers

If this continues,

There won’t be a country made for Generation Z and Millenials

Especially America’s silent melanated diciples.

Because my vote does matter.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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