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Racing down the court, the score is 12 to 10. I steal the ball from red, and pass to my teammate Ben. “Shoot a three, and we’ll take home a win,” I shout.
I let you take it from me, All of it, Because I thought you loved me. I thought I loved you, too. But now that I’m not there anymore, You’ve changed. Instead of careful whispers
The other side of my own door, All with the rain's own sad downpour, Standing are two with both feet sore, Paitently wait forevermore.   The two remind me of a time, When the sunshine was so sublime,
Dry Eyes By McCoy Crawford   Students drop in like rain from their previous classes The teacher sets up the projector
Walking on this earth without a reason
You pay women to dance, while your love is at home. Two Viking babies asking when daddy is coming home. How familiar is my name, For daddy’s the one to blame... Your ice cold look is really just a new flame.
Look at all these presidents, They're all the same kind of gentlemen. Wearing their suits and ties. I wonder where are their wives. Sitting at home? Perhaps, I don't know Because they can't tag along.
Equal people, same in hand and face, but outcast quickly when not the chosen race. Die for beliefs that should self explain, that treatment you beg for, hope to gain. Scream and battle with tooth and fist,
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