We can Walk, We can Talk.


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Look at all these presidents,
They're all the same kind of gentlemen.
Wearing their suits and ties.
I wonder where are their wives.
Sitting at home?
Perhaps, I don't know
Because they can't tag along.
They're just "regular" moms.

They don't speak a word, not a single word,
but, their husbands are the leaders of a country.
Making history, while their wives are hidden in history.

Hold up, no.
This is not how ladies should be treated.
They shouldn't just sit and be seated.
We're still human!
We had started leading!
Eleanor Roosevelt,
Proved to the world, she can do it, when her husband is at his weakest.
Michelle Obama,
Spoke to the world, it takes more than one person to change the world.
Mother Teressa,
Gave everyone a second chance,
because she knew, God was giving love to the right kinds of hands.

Men can be the head of the house,
but women are the neck of the town!
Women has the same rights!
We have the same fights!
We can walk!
We can talk!
We're ladies with class, we can fight for our own rights.

We're not sexual posers that boys can use.
Women are not worth 50 cents to pay off their dues.
We're ladies with class who uses our heads
We think just as well as men does.
We're better than them when push comes to shoves.
We hold our heads up high, and we walk in lines.
We don't use violence to defeat our enemies,
We use words of silence, to kill them clean.

We can walk!
We can Talk!
We're all the same!
We walk this world with fame!

We're strong brave ladies,
Forbidden to greet Hades.
We're bright young minds,
who's lives are on the lines.
We love,
We hug,
We hold onto our very souls,
because we're ladies, who got lots to hold.

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