Love and Cancer

Walking on this earth without a reason

Is like writing a poem with no meaning

Hours pass, weeks pass, even seasons

We all desire one true feeling.


Feeling loved is just the best

Finally finished searching for the love of your life

Only caring about that one person and not the rest

We take the meaning of love to a new height



Months have passed and those three words gives me chills

It’s insane how three words can mean so much

Saying I love you with assurance that your relationship will be there still

Always wanting to feel that persons kisses and their touch


Years pass and the way she looks at me is offset

Tears in her eye but she won’t give you a reason why

She said we need to take a break it would be for the best

I just look at her and start to cry


I ask her what I did wrong

But she just walks away

She grows skinner as time comes along

I asked her is there something she has to say


She runs into my arms and tells me she is sick

I held her tight, my arms are her home

Is it a cold I asked I could get you some Vicks

For days she’s just been feeling scared and alone


The next week she’s not in class

I texted her and call her to see what’s wrong

She ask me to promise her one task

She says please don’t forget me and always stay strong


I ran out of class swelling up in tears

Going to her house not knowing what to fear

I asked her mom where is she

She says she’s in the hospital


She told you she was sick but it’s something much worse

Let’s go see her she doesn't have much time left

Once I get to the hospital I look for the closest nurse

And asks where she was, I saw her and I died inside.


Her hair was limp and she looked sickly

I couldn’t stop crying

Her eyes barley opened all I hoped was that she would stay with me

She told me that she was dying


Cancer was winning the battle

She told me I love you and slipped me a note

All of a sudden her body starts to rattle

I love you were the last words she spoke


I will never forget that monotone beep

She lay there in the bed but she’s not asleep

She’s gone, I’m gone, and my heart is gone

I opened the letter... my soul is now gone.




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