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Walking through the halls one day,  Past my baby brother wanting to play, I stopped when i smelt a familiar scent, One i swear was heaven sent, 
Life has taught me many things One of the greatest thing is, it taught me how to be a mother. Being a mom to two beautiful daughters  Made my life meaningful.  
Your warm embrace, your kind smile, your voice saying I love your face and that you're proud of me. Your unified presence made me strong and determined. The days are long and I miss you.
Complete me and see the most intruging thing; my love and womb bore me with her youth.   Tears my hair out and glues me in place.   Only one with the hands
 Dear Mom,  
Because you loved me- you carried me for nine months Knowing that you could only hold me for a moment Because you loved me,
My love you have grown, my love you have shown, shown that you are fine without me.   My dear you stay sweet, my dear you're on your own two feet, experiencing a world without me.  
Sometimes I know the words to say, Give thanks for all you’ve done.
She would waddle to the kitchen for a snack while you would lie on her bladder Doctors told her she wasn't strong enough, she didn't care
My baby boy So perfect and sweet never one to make a peep. I love you more than words can say you light up my life each and every day you are my drive, my push, my heart
Dark hair, Dark eyes, Dark soul, A darker mind. Where do i belong in this world of light? My arms.. They hurt from the little pain of each day My mother hurts for she knows my secret...
What all does a mother endure during her lifetime raising her brood It is an unexplainable love, simple and pure an undeniable sacrifice that is never crude Countless hours of lack of sleep
You know I sit and remember when you were still a part of me, I went for months not knowing you were there inside of me. I had all the signs; I had all the symptoms And yet your mama was stupid, i made the wrong decisions.
GOD, it Hurts & you understand: m{I}s{C}a{R}r{I}{E}{D}:::::::
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