Being a Mother

Life has taught me many things

One of the greatest thing is, it taught me how to be a mother.

Being a mom to two beautiful daughters 

Made my life meaningful.


The thought of giving life to another human being.

Was the most beautiful and amazing experienced that I will never trade for anything else.

Having a chance to care and love these two treasures from God

Was the best thing I ever did.


I may not be a perfect mother like every body expect me to be

But in my children’s eye I am perfect and that’s all that matters.

I maybe not able to give them everything but I am making sure they get the best of what life has to offer.


One day I will leave this earth

But I will make sure when I do, my daughters will remember the love I have for them is the greatest love that no one else can give them.

I will forever be thankful and grateful to GOD for allowing me to be a mother two HIS two angels.

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