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I hear love is an amazing thing All the hugs, kisses, and gifts. But what happens when the person I love betrays Me? Leaves Me stranded in a deep dark empty hole, Trying to escape, searching for help, But I can’t seem to find any. Shutting down, I
indecisive the feeling i get when you walk away the feeling i get when you say my name throughout my life i have tried to let go
If I could have one wish It would be to kiss her sweet lips To tell her every secret my heart holds To hold her slim body close I wonder how such a strong organ could go weak could go weak from one touch
A friend of mine offered you an orange.  Your eyes lit up and you got so excited.  I smiled at your enthusiasm.  A friend of mine told me you got a 212  On the PSAT, two points higher than me. 
The Night
You sit there quiet as can be You scroll through your phone or maybe searching for a tweet But when you look up and I look into your eyes I see no fun But your smile radiates more than the sun
Girl I cant stop myself from thinking about you I cant even bring myself to talk to you its kinda hard to concentrate too your beautys so strong its got me sick with the flu I got sick from you
            Will you ever notice me?             When I turn away from me?             Change my hair, my body, my animation?             Just to win your admiration.
He may not know it but, she fell hard for him.  Harder than a naked body belly flopping against a freezing pool of water. Like glass breaking against her skin. She may not reliaze it, but he's drunk with love.
He stares at her with eyes full of love, Like angels watching from above, She stares right back with eyes full of joy, Thinking of their baby boy, 16 years old is all they are, Not yet old enough for a bar, 
Confused I hate you I want to break you No I don’t What am I saying I love you
I read your words and my heart starts to bleed. How can I sing your song, if you are all I need. Now that you're gone, and never look back,
In my dream, you walked beside me Along soft breeze and rolling sea At sunrise, waves of sand churned free Filling my heart with bliss and glee  
I keep having dreams about you because in my dreams you would answer me every night, without fail I keep having dreams about you because you'd reply
The artist who uses blood for paint The boy who needs to love Her passion and fury she fears will taint One like a gentle dove
I told them we would last and they laughed.  So I told a lie and said that we were just teenagers  and that I was expecting us to end up breaking us soon. And they told me I was mature for my age. 
You'll forever by a fixture,In my paradoxical paradise,Dancing across my brain,Like a pantomimical parasite.
It won’t take that long To tell you what I have to say But I just want you to know I love you each and every day.   No need to repeat it That’s something you already know
Five Hundred, Twenty-Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes... Times Three.   That's how long I must endure this ache in my chest.   All I want is you. Your heart. Your Love.  
I drove past the place we first met and the house we spent hours entangled and intertwined. I drove the roads you drove while clutching my hand ever so slightly and softly singing along to the radio.
Give me one more chance tonight I'm probably the last thing on your mind With all the fights and all the lies I can see why you cry every night I'm so sorry that I hurt you But it's you that I cannot lose
What is Time? Time is something that keeps the world going, Something that two people may love to share. Sharing is caring but what if the time you shared, you really didn't care?
It's hard waiting for the guy you love. It's like waiting for a plane to arrive, And hearing it crashed. It's like watching a sad movie, And not knowing how it ends.
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