Skinny Love


He may not know it but, she fell hard for him. 

Harder than a naked body belly flopping against a freezing pool of water.

Like glass breaking against her skin.

She may not reliaze it, but he's drunk with love.

In her presence, hours feel like minutes.

Their hearts are heavy and swollen.

Trying to put the word perfect into action. 

They long to tell the truth.

She's dumbfounded that maybe he likes her.

Or love?

He lays in bed, staring at the ceiling, fantasizing of her being his.

Being in love.

Scared and nervous, they shun their emotions.

What if he thinks that I'm a joke?

She would never like a outcast like me?


They may not know what love is.

But they're making it! 

They're making it and they're thriving!

The wall that separates them is weak.

They're hacking and pushing and pulling that barrier down.

He's breaking it down, and he's coming 

She's almost there, almost in his arms.

At that moment a kiss felt right.

Kick starting a love of a lifetime.

When their hearts became intertwined.

They knew forever.

That I am yours and you are mine.








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