Why I sleep so much


I keep having dreams about you

because in my dreams you would answer me

every night, without fail

I keep having dreams about you

because you'd reply

if I could ask you

if I could manage to talk to you


If you're going to see me in your dreams

then meet me in reality

If you're going to ask me if I love you

then tell me that you love me too

In my dreams

my feelings are just as great

as strong

as when I'm awake

cause I love you so much

too much

When I talk to you outside of my dreams

I say things I shouldn't and can't say things I should

so I don't talk to you much

In my dreams

without loosing control

without making any mistakes

I can talk to you

and tell you how I feel


I feel jealous of my own dreams

cause my dream-self can do so much more than I

That's how much I love you

Only in my dreams can you hear me

I love you

Only in my dreams can I say this to you

Only in my dreams can I say everything to you

I want to be asleep forever

I want to fill you up with my feelings

There is nothing I can't tell you here

In my dreams

I can lock you up

In this world of night

in this dream

together with me

These dreams that may never come true

all of these words that I could never say

I want to lock them all up

In my dreams

feelings I'd locked up within myself

feeling for you so strong that I could not contain

I couldn't keep it all within myself

I love you so much

too much

Dreams are not enough though

to let me reach to you

Only in a place



can I find you there waiting

for me

How I wish those dreams

in this world so ordinary

come alive

and overwhelm me

that I may live in dreams

that I may sleep



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