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Saturday morning we set out for St. James There was a thick fog in the valley at 10 a.m. We barely made it past the climbing lane The radiator in the old Nissan van overheated We halted on the north coast highway
The sun slowly climbs down from the sky It drops behind the peak of the mountain And gently touches the surface of the sea .
They’d once seen you in my valley by Vir Singh   Galaxy of flowers Suddenly appears in my valley. Colourful butterflies Are playing with flowers,
What have I become? All I want to do is lie somewhere, on the soft and unbroken earth. Feel the pulse of mother's womb, hear the coyotes calling, wade into a cold  rushing river
City Lights, Valley low Watching through all the snow From this highway where I stand Twinching fingers, aprehensive hand   City Lights, how you glow Twinkling dots put on a show
I walked through the valley of the shadow of death And witnessed the face of the many Who suffered greatly without remorse I gazed upon the anguish and Fear within their eyes  
A dark veil closes over me A known and dreaded sight I'll wade through ruined fantasies Dark will annex the light 
Based off of: "Hedge, that divides the lovely" by Torquato Tasso   Darkness, that covers the wonderful Valley, and this half from being a whole, Never in you appear such a welcoming face
Has he even noticed? Or does he even care? This car is turning, racing but we're going nowhere. He steps on the gas, my heart begins to flutter. We're free falling fast, but without God's ruder.
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