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beach life by the seaearly morning getaway~ castles in the sand....Mark Toney © 2021.5/15/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
He wanted to have something to look at through long legs; the view of Port Ann on the other side. He admitted to having no one, and got angry twice. He always liked her And liked being with her.
Beginning at three I have started my journey Thoughtfully drawing   This is who I am This is Where I find my peace I confide in art   The mask, stress, fakeness
Absence of Sound The avoidance to mention a single word
No, I don’t go for the coffee I mean, I do like the coffee But really, I just like to be there A cup of hot bitterness Smoothed with a splash of cream Is my excuse   It’s away
Where do we go when we die Do we go to sleep Or do we go towards the sky in a slumber thats very deep Or do i go by gods side   Does heaven exist or is it just a myth will i feel love
I want the breeze in my hair To look up and see the outstretched arms of the wood and oak I want to see the little puffs of white outlining the sky I want to look to my side a see pushing through the cracks
Sometimes I wish I could just get away Of all the bad things on life and the pain I hate the generation how it is today Everything in life right now is insane Sometimes I wish I could live back in the day
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