#YOWO What I want

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 19:43 -- sfaigin

I want the breeze in my hair

To look up and see the outstretched arms of the wood and oak

I want to see the little puffs of white outlining the sky

I want to look to my side a see pushing through the cracks

A stream of heavenly gold touching my skin

I want to be able to step through the gold and onto an oasis of blue

Crystal and sinking between my toes as the cold sweeps in around me

I want more than an oasis though but a get away

I want the company of amazing faces and never a goodbye

No tears, no drama and no regrets


But what I want is not what I need

I sit here awake in my dreams 

And what I want is no were reachable from this point

Because what I want is a place far away

I live in the here and now 

Breathing in every second

Because I want those around me to be in that place to

So come and have no fear

Because heaven is were we belong

And that is what I want



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