Get away from society


Sometimes I wish I could just get away

Of all the bad things on life and the pain

I hate the generation how it is today

Everything in life right now is insane

Sometimes I wish I could live back in the day

Because it wasn't that bad how it is today

Let me tell you something how mest up right now is today

Girls getting pregnant at a early age

Guys want to be thugs and be in a gang

Guys see girls as sex toys then throw them away

No love no respect just pain

Sometimes I wish I was god and make everyone love and respect each other

Drown all the guys that sex every mother of their daughter right after they sex the daughter

Sometimes I wish I was dead and wish it would be like in heaven

So I won't have to deal with all the stuff in life right now

I just want to get away

All the society and the crimes

Make me go crazy in my mind

And it makes me traumatized

I just don't understand how others can harm other human beings

Sometimes I just don't feel like living

A lot of people die from stupidity

And it makes me mad that I can't do anything about it

That all the crazy stuff are getting worse and the government allows it

He keeps quiet and watches us suffer

Watches one person and another

Die in pain

See this is why I just want to just get away


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