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born in tchaikovsky's sixthsymphony the finale beginsquietly tapers into melodymeandering sweetly cafardswelling weaving between
Pop, the leader of the age, Confined in today's mainstream cage, Who's designed to give what the masses want While every station encourages her flaunt.   Rock, the rebel, born of rage,
MANMANkindBe Kind MANBe your kind of MAN
Dear Frank,  These days I dreamto be your soulful tragedienne -Your affinity across the sea;That awaits your return so patiently.  For a man who lives one love at a time,
True love’s kiss, first experienced through written words. First of all kinds memorialized in the pages between her fingers.   At home with the ink stained paper.
A stone is thick, a mountain ever more,
Every lyric is like a symphony.
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