body and soul

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Music is a way for someone to feel emotion. Hands are a way to feel physically.  Hands are tools to which I use every day. I am myself due to gifts such as these hands.
The sun gives life to the earth like the soul brings life to the body. But as much as the sun tries to give life to the earth, The earth may be too destroyed to use the only resource it couldn't survive without
When the time comes, I hope you crumble and fall when the light, hits the midpoint of that beautiful summer day    I hope your flesh rots off of those achy bones.
    Open Sea of Emotions     Feeling helpless all on my own, Sitting under the stars with my dead phone.
To feel, to be, to laugh, to sing, to cry, to speak, to belong, that is what you are,
One thousand empty chairs stretch to stage   she meets my face and suddenly it's noon, i'm   staring in the mirror : a distorted reflection   two people two strangers  
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