dark skin

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Okay Take a deep breath. You can do this. Three. Two. One. Search for the shade. Browsing, Exploring, Looking. Getting to my shade. Almost at my shade.
Bieng black is like being  labeled as bad As if there's a choice about your color of skin As if you could cahnge it like 1,2,3 A battle that seems like it cannot be winned   It time to see  
Hair as everlasting as the sky Words with the power of worlds Thought as the depst of knowledge Beauty with no bounds Skin as that which holds stars Royalty.... Royalty....
I am black and I will succeed; I will reach the top and I'll win; I will go to college with tears of joy in my eyes and receive my degree; Only I will know what I achieved;
So rich in flavor, natural and raw It's no clue no one can withstand my Exploding, mouth-watering taste so pushed to the side They leave me a waste..  
Something need to change something needs to change When did we start are hating selfs
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