Confidence In My Color

I am black and I will succeed;

I will reach the top and I'll win;

I will go to college with tears of joy in my eyes and receive my degree;

Only I will know what I achieved;

Only I will know why tears were falling;

I will remember the days when I lost faith in myself and the color of my skin;

The days when my mind was telling me I couldn't do it but I knew I could;


Where was confidence at the time that I needed it;

I will remember the days when I grieved over letting my skin color die;

My rich dark skin color;

The color people sigh when they see;

If only I knew;

If only I knew how much quality this skin had;

I only had one reason for the tears of joy dropping from my eyes down to my cheeks;

It was because I was proud to be black;

I am proud to have black roots because that’s what makes me who I am;

I am a proud dark-skinned girl, and nothing can ever change that;

This poem is about: 
Our world


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