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"Fear consumes my body, my thoughts. Fear consumes me. I am fear. I am light." Applause with the tips of fingers, polite curves at the corners of lips, silent nods that translate to, "That's so me."
Why should i suffer my life being called basic? Day after day. I get told everyday that since i like coffee i am a basic white girl. I get told everyday that im a basic white girl because i do not have ¨Daddy problems¨
That girl. The one who sits in the back of class alone. The one who stares into space for minutes at a time. The one with a natural "bitch face" that pushes people away.
I am so basic But try not to be basic Should I even try
Money is such an issue So much so I may need a tissue As I try to make good grades and pass my classes I have to worry about the assets that I can grab at
    Walking up sorely and tired,     Not because I was beaten but because I peservered;     Chest high and admired,     Not by others but by myself revered.    Trying to move pass old pains,
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