"Fear consumes my body, my thoughts.

Fear consumes me.

I am fear. I am light."

Applause with the tips of fingers,

polite curves at the corners of lips,

silent nods that translate to,

"That's so me."

"That's so deep."

Write a poem to appeal to the mass, 

even if you know it was pulled right out of your-

Cut yourself off when you're writing from heart.

No, stomach. Writing from stomach because you hunger for more. 

Writing from stomach because it makes you feel fat.

The gluttony makes you feel shame.

The pride in your recipe makes you feel dirty.

They don't want a dirty poem.

They won't like your work then. 

They will turn up their noses

and they will leave.

Focus, write the trendy lit,

Call yourself out on it

Shrug off a sellout on edgy bull-

"I am fear. I am light."


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