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Killer Cops Its six o’clock , I turn in the news Trying decide which channel to choose Just want to relax ,but then I’m shocked
The Cop I want at Pride Sees the law as a growers guide To a garden of a community Written by amateurs Who only slightly know what they’re doing  
"I wanna be a police officer when I grow up!" A little boy of just a few year said to me.He must not see the news.
Crusin' in the ride late one night My eyes beheld an eerie site I saw him in the rearview, pull up tight It looks like a cop might die tonight   Ridin' dirty, hey you know me
(I've written this poem for anybody who is thinking about committing murder.)
  Another story on the news just broke A father just died from being choked Just like an innocent boy with a toy got killed And a teen with his hands up was shot against his will
We got the law taking the innocentLives of some men and even some children,
Take, take, take, All you do is take Give, give, give, You struggle to give Feed your children Feed your people Allow your kind to thrive To reach the sky Allow them to shine bright
Black man's bullethole Can't compare to the trusted Man with an excuse
Twisted lies and teary eyes These news titles on the rise Wrong perspectives, strong objectives Activists are the real detectives Police brutality? Our reality? Families surviving on calamity
Enter the victim, normally dead, Shot, bludgeoned, or pushed off a cliff, on his head,
All across the nation people are searching for retaliation.
  Those Negro Boys Now you see, I know something about them Negro boys, The ones who don’t do nothing but sell weed and drugs,
Sitting in this car I can’t move my hands. Go check my facebook, I bet I have some fans Sat me in this chair, ready to tell my story. Before I said a word their jokes told it for me.
Government officials have fallen into the chains of guilty corruption, Our endowed right is no longer the Pursuit of Happiness.  This backfires on our economic production, We the citizens have no wall of security.
A troubled teen, she wonders the streets, a paint can in her hand. She wants someone to notice her. She wants someone to value her, so she will receive her value from afar.
There’s Suffering and crying, and a lot of people are still dying World leaders getting richer while their peoples bodies are piling Up to a mountainous top, corpses spewing like the steam from a boiling pot, of Genocide
It was a sunny frid
  Sweaty palms, the itchy insides of the smoky marsh pits, discolored cloudy eyes with battered Fort Knox thighs,
To the cop haters who don't know what they do for you who don't feel the pain they feel. Some of America's most compassinate people are the ones who serve and protect. So don't launch into some
Taking a nice walk Down in Memphis We’ve got permission So what’s to fear?   Just taking a walk Down in Memphis Then the cops came along and said, "Get the hell out of here"   
  With a flash the memories are gone A Dozen of cars crashed them all Holding your hand and biting your lips Is that the terror that comes within?   On your wrist it shows
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