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Germany is a warzone: barren, silent, Shivers and angst filled the air. No more hope for us Jews, we are isolated. It is unfair.   It was time: soon to be dawn,
You called yourself my neighbor. Your children played with mine. We laughed and cried together. It seemed like you were there when we had no time   But yet, when the demons came marching,
Nazi Guards Our tale can't tell All prisoners here--alive in Hell   I eat the dust She licks the floor Just to survive--Nothing more   She's drug away put in a room
It started with an idea for political change; Putting a man in charge who believed in only his way; It started small with restricting laws; Soon concentration camps were made and millions lost; 
Christmas Day, the supposed day of the birth of Jesus, is the day of giving presents, eating food, and spending long stretches of time with family.
They were brought down Down to the pits of the darkest spectrum Beyond a trace of relief, a glimmer of hope   They were menaced, chided, and turned Beaten, battered, and burned
There’s a sound of broken glass, A rush of fear and the sound of dogs. Our silence is deep, But I know it won’t last.   My mother said a bad man is in charge. He wants to hurt us because we’re Jews.
The cattle car stopped, our ten day trip we hoped to be through So much hatred from a Nazi, so much hatred toward a Jew Our belongings were taken, to where we don’t know The pile of suitcases beginning to grow
The night of Broken Glass The night of Broken hearts, They're crying in the streets, Their hearts are torn apart--- Can you hear them? Crying Night of Broken Hearts
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