Germany is a warzone: barren, silent,

Shivers and angst filled the air.

No more hope for us Jews, we are isolated.

It is unfair.


It was time: soon to be dawn,

Yet the sky reamained dark, just as our future.

We stepped cautiously through the snow, toes freezing with each step,

We needed to escape before daylight.

This is unfarir.


The streets were filled: Nazi soldiers at every glance,

Each one holding a gun.

We huddled together tightly, all touching shoulders.

But my family and I needed to run.

How is this fair?


We sprinted: running for our lives.

But, the Nazi’s heard, they followed us.

We were vulnerable, in desperate need of a plan.

Life is not fair. 


I kept running: struggling to breathe,

I remember once I had lived in a safe home,

But now I only see death.

I think to myself that I would no longer say “shalom.”

There’s no such thing as fairness.


The Nazi’s chasing us took away our plan of travel: to escape.

I felt someone yank my arm and knew it was over.

We had lost our battle.

I wish for peace.


I had to work: nonstop or else I would be punished.

It was worse than you could ever imagine.

The Nazi’s had won it,

But I was not going to let them destroy me.

I will get justice.


Day after day I had grew weaker: they dehumanized us.

But my will to live grew deeper.

After a year and a half we were finally free.

We had nothing left inside.

At last, we were free.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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