a boy

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Dear Eric,  The rumors you spread weren’t true. All I can say is sorry. It wasn’t suppose to mean anything. Just a small a crush you weren’t meant to find out. Please forgive me. You were so wonderful.
As a little girl who loved to dream I was told a story Of a little boy who came to Wendy's window in the morning. He came and whisked her away from all the things she knew.
the way i feel about my son i can not live without his love if i were deserted in space i would need his big wide smile to keep giving in to life he is all i need to live  he is all that my life is
This boy I feel I know very well, He likes to wear a hat. All of the posters he has are for games, except for a couple drawings his grandma gave. A box of "secret" things is on his work table..
Here I am, just a leaf, a feather Unchained and unchanged by the wind Sliding idly by. A dog barks, waiting for me To lift off the boy's bike where on his seat I recline He still notices me, waving my fingers to him
I jotted down a message to myself in my phone: “Write a poem about watches and bicycles and poetry.”   Is that all he really left me with?
Joyous are my wordsEscaping through their swollen dry mouths.My own penmanship floating through the air.
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