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There are hours of the night when time stands still. Most of these hours lead to the gray light of dawn, the sudden realization that a new day has come to wear still more on my patience.
I never see you anymore. The smell of it filters in. It comforts me, Representing all that might've been.   You were like a river. So is this blue: Resilient, persistent, dangerous,
Looking up I will see the Archer high above me his bow pointing at me his star eyes staring coldly fear it surrounds me   as I flee knees collapsing
Teachers draggingNo one listeningStudents textingLooking down
Dear IT Department,  My PC is dead. It no longer whirs and beeps Its CPU is void of warmth An amateur's cheap creation
Have you ever lost something You loved so much? It’s not so much that you couldn’t find it But it was just gone.
I remember when you would dry my tears with your rough hand I remember when you would hug the breath out of me It seems in the blink of an eye you disappeared, so now where do I stand
Pain and Loss That’s how it started At the age of ten That’s how it begun I was hurt                      Not by fist of man But that of death I couldn’t share My emotions My anger
Death is the Greatest Truth   Do tell me why you left? Each night I stare up at the ceiling and I’m tempted to scream your name, After all, you did this to me, didn’t you?
That special moment,  The instant bond between mother and child The crazy range of emotions ending in excitement You are a family. That instant there is nothing more important Nothing more beautiful
Death I hate you.   Although she’s supposed to be in a good place, you stole my only source of happiness. She was so happy. I hope she still is.  
Losing someone is hard, everyone knows that.  It is especially hard when that someone is your father. You think they are yours to have forever, but in the blink of an eye they are gone. 
Saffron, Peridot, Jonquil, Vermilion, Tenné Crimson, Scarlet, Carnelian, Burgundy Plum, Mauve, Catawba Grey, Umber White
Please didn't know, You were sick but it didn't show, I screamed, I cursed but really I was just hurt please come back I miss you I'm sorry for what I did Please just don't disappear
My body becomes weak My vison had turned blurry I hear the paramedics screaming We are losing her, Hurry! I am starting to feel sleepy But they refused to let me sleep ¨You have to keep your eyes open
If I ever see him again id ask why he wasn’t dead yet For a man so committed, he should have lied to rest Just like how she passed, how he made her fall victim The way he touched her small hand and tainted the skin
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