Death Is The Greatest Truth

Death is the Greatest Truth


Do tell me why you left?

Each night I stare up at the ceiling and I’m tempted to scream your name,

After all, you did this to me, didn’t you?

Time goes by too fast for my liking now. 

Help me out here and tell me if you regret what you did?


I’m not allowed to be angry. You were “sick.” No.

Sick is what you did to us. 


The alcohol, anger, and deceit tore your family apart.

Hell, when they tried to pull it back together, you repeatedly shattered it.

Enough was enough I guess. 


Going out must’ve been easy to you,

Reach out and pat mom,

Ease your way to the garage for a “moment”

Act completely fine so your plan isn’t foiled.

Tie the noose, 

End it all,

Silly, isn’t it? 

That our lives could be altered so quickly in such a way.


To be honest, I wish you hadn’t called me that day, 

Ruined is what I am now.

Utterly destroyed in nearly every way.

Thanks uncle jimmy, because now

Hope is something I’ll live without.


This poem is about: 
My family



I know this sucks, Lmao. Don't be too hard on me please. 

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