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LOAYMW   These are the lines of a Young man's wrinkle   1. They say time is money It's why I'm seeking Benjamin's watch Running businesses on old testament thoughts
Adeb́oĺa ́ òòòòò Ìshòlá omo Adé Omo ìyíọlásemí, omo Adégbóyèga Ìshol̀á Omo tápà Adé Omo Ọba Olójòkú ti ilu Òjòkú Òjòkú, mosè mo jalú omo Arógun díyàn Mo deĺe ́mo kiẹ́ oooo Adeb́oĺa ́Omo Oba (Rezthapoet, Reztha
Where is the help? Money is the focus, The goverment may cause money to disappear like hocus pocus While the  children are left helpless, hopeless No arm, leg nor brain to grow,
The Nigerian Hierarchy   If I drove a Lexus instead of a Honda Would you agree? Would it be vice versa if my skirt landed above the knee...
She’s sitting sideways Hair trimmed and teased close to her scalp Her legs dangling down, barely reaching the floor And her shoelaces, undone, lay in a tangle about her feet
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