God's Love

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GOD'S LOVE FOUND A WAY God's love found a way Long before the earth was made Though Satan and his angels fell God's love found a way
I am the weight of the cross I am the nails in your hands I am the soldier's laugh I am loved by you!   I am the thorns on your head I am the point of the spear I am the insults of the crowd
God's love runs deeper than the darkest of seas, It swallows up the world and takes in everything, Without Him I am an empty unfulfilled vessel, He completes me and without Him I am nothing  
Break these chains
Sky at sunset I see you so clearly the waves of color hold on to you so dearly so close to the sunlight   The farther they get the darker they get 'cause they're not inthe sunlight  
The currents swayingAll is loose and hanging by a threadThe attacks from the Breeze is far too harsh, causing other's to grieveand, quite frankly, things look bleakBut behold, for in the distance I hear a sound
       Thoughts Arrive in What I Believe/ Such Likeness is Found From What You're About to Read and Hopefully See What I See/ Who are We, But a simple Bride/ To Runaway With Malice and Sin on Our Side/ Though Once United In This A Sac
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