Old To New


       Thoughts Arrive in What I Believe/ Such Likeness is Found From What You're About to Read and Hopefully See What I See/ Who are We, But a simple Bride/ To Runaway With Malice and Sin on Our Side/ Though Once United In This A Sacred Matrimony/ Now Departed From It, Being His Love For Us So Strong Yet Our Blasphemy Strides with Catastrophe/ But Like Hosea, Commanded by the Lord, He Continued To Strive For Our Love Again And Again/ We Pushed You Away Believer or Not Always You Stayed/ Like The Words Of Jeremiah Who Spoke Unto The Crowd/ Cast Off Your Idols, You Brides Of The Night/ For the Day Soon Upon Us A Lamb Shall Suffice/ No Longer Will We Fall Out Of The Hand Of The Great I AM/ For This Heart Of Man, Forged From Stone And Sand/ Precious Is The One To Follow God's Plan/ And From There Go On To Matthew/  Cast Out From The City This Lamb/ To Be Slain And Slaughtered/ And Put On Trail To Stand/ And On The Cross Was Martyred/ And So He Bled/ And Now We Stand With Our Bible Pages in Hand/ Reading The Holy Writ/ Understanding Scriptures/ The Persecution Great/ But Our God Far Greater/ We No Longer Are The Same/ The Reason For You and Me/ How We Can See/ The Words Of Bible Upon Our Skin/ We Ourselves Are In The Scriptures Within/ For When John Was Given Revelation/ Our Life in Christ Had Not Yet Ended/ For Our Time Of Tribulation Has Yet To Come/ And In Time Rapture Will Take only But A Sum/ And From That Time The Anti-Christ Shall Rise/ To Whether That be Man, Woman, or Child Is Not Described/ Only With Christ Though Will We Survive/ So Take Up Your Crosses/ Your Struggles Behind You/ We Open The Doors That God's Guided Our Lives Through/ Christian      or Not God Has a Plan/ For It Is In The End of Prayer That We Say/ Amen        



This is lovely, well done! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

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