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We meet by happenstance, fate And I cannot imagine different The way we both create Led to our genesis   To each their own stumbling path Set out for us by our own choosing
i want your flames.     mesmerizing and beautiful. the smallest flicker still illuminates my mind nightly
when my mother sprained her wrist,she told me, “it’s like lying on the bathroom floor while the world goes black. all you can do is cry. all you can do is
I did it because I have been             trapped all my life The air was loud, whipping past my ears,             deafening my thoughts, my doubts No regret seeped into my soul
Hey,  It has been a while A while since you have sat down and took a breath. You are reading this because you feel burdened,       maybe by something self-afflicted,      maybe by a matter of circumstance.
Two opposite worlds Colliding with each other, Creating a whole.
my thoughts are pine needles they drift into my head and snap again, just as easily.   they rustle in the wind a sign of growth
when we met as fledgeling adolescents on that solstice day, the lake was blue-- no, grey-- no, the color of bitter
My identity is being erased Slowly dissolved until all that’s left, Is social debate and controversy   I am dismantled, disfigured, disgraced You stomp on my dignity And make jokes of my body  
As long hours pull at me And the fading light comforts Still I wait, longing for peace   My sight grows weary Thinking, I stutter and trip I fold under warmth and shadows  
Little girl terrified She smiles as glittering tear drops down All defined, labeled, and identified She blinks as she watches them drown Observing people through her bright eyes
I live my life so I can strive to make a difference with an inference of the pursuit of happiness in the american dream which gleams brightly in the distance.   you're almost there you can almost taste it
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