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I love poetry for its blank spaces, for its constant wondering and the shape of the words on a page. For different reasons than why I love math.
humans, in fact, were not made to be "poetry" or at least not in the way you think about it i didn't understand the difference between a heartbeat and a sunrise until you pointed it out to me
With every step she takes a calculation And though she hears their whispers That she always plays alone She knows better
The moments, ordinary, have started adding up, From sharing meals together, or coffee in a cup, Subtract the times when sadness had tried to seize the way, As love returned with gladness; a new and brighter day. -
I hate math I hear them say: I'll just take an easy math class I can't stand math! But why? Why do students hate math? Why do letters mixed with numbers cause ridiculous dread?
it all began in parallel lines at the centre then a little calculations in the virtual median   proved the proofs during deviations and would be on constant calculations  
I am searching For the answer Of who I truly am.   I'm looking in the area Underneath a curve, As if it somehow Holds the definition Of my existence.  
I'm like a news reporter where i report at least 1 dead person in a body bag each day a child cursing at the age of 4 two young kids fondling at the age of 5 a boy being recruited by a gang at the age of 9
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