A Brief History of Love, and Other Scientific Experiments

humans, in fact, were not made to be "poetry"

or at least not in the way you think about it

i didn't understand the difference between a heartbeat and a sunrise until you pointed it out to me

and even now i still think you're wrong

tell me about miracles,

the sun, the stars, the cardiovascular system,

and i will tell you about the chemical composition of salt-sting tears

the cause and effect formula of oxygen in lungs

and how there are traces of gold in our bodies that were there when the universe was made

life is poetry in motion

in that we were the species to invent the thing

a baby's eyelashes, pinkies intertwined, the ache in your chest when the muscle inside it tells you the truth that you are alone

look at the science that makes that all up

then look at my fifteen-blinks-per-minute-eyes and tell me that isn't a song


shut up,

you don't understand

i cannot think of anything more awesome and sublime than this terrifying game of chance we play which turns out life

life makes love

love makes poetry

and what could be more human than that?

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Our world
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