mathematics (where i'm from)


United States
30° 25' 49.8216" N, 84° 15' 15.192" W
United States
30° 25' 49.8216" N, 84° 15' 15.192" W
United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W
United States
30° 25' 49.8216" N, 84° 15' 15.192" W

I'm like a news reporter where i report at least 1 dead person in a body bag each day
a child cursing at the age of 4
two young kids fondling at the age of 5
a boy being recruited by a gang at the age of 9
I'm from the town where a girl is losing her virginity at 11
I'm at that place where a boy is a father at the age of 13
i'm at the spot where families are forming by the time they reach 15
women with 2 kids are already on welfare at the age of 18
a child at the age of 3, along with a family of mom and dad are homeless at the age of 20
expectancy is so low that people are writing their wills before the age of 21
if we make it past 35, it's a milestone for a latino and black brother
yet, we still to watch out for goons plotting around the corner and they are 30
where I'm from is seeing 2 cars crash at an intersection in which 1 pulls out his piece and fires off rounds faster than Humphrey Bogart in the Oklahoma kid
it's no wonder why that 1 is going to do a bid
I'm at that part of town where 2 females fight over this 1 guy and yet, he has moved on to the next chick
relationship that lasts 1 year is equivalent to 25th year anniversary to old couples
we have that power to change those ugly statistics like 8 turnovers in a game of football
sadly, we choose not to change so life in many eyes works in clockwork

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Your poetry is so Deep & Powerful!! And even in your poems with undertones of sadness, your messages always seem to be about positivity and pushing forward.Your words inspire me. Keep writing!

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thank you for you support
it's all about inspiration and seeing beyond
i'm humble that my words inspire you
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do you have other poems? i would like to read them


A very deep piece. The reduction of people to just another statistic strips them of their humanity--they are not a name, just another number. This is a very dangerous thing, but yet it is very common, as you clearly point out. When people stop raising the bar, they do "work in clockwork"--just another cog on the gear. This is a very strong idea you're working with. I really suggest polishing this poem up and trying to get it published--more people should read this.

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it's funny you mention it
1st and 4most, thank you for the comments
its funny once again, you mention
people really liked this poem because it is powerfully written, it's creative, and genuinely real
do you know a magazine, author, writer that can publish my poems?
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