mental breakdown

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It seems that I'm running in circles...Realizing something should be changed,Making efforts I think I've got progress,But, in fact, I'm trapped in a cage.
Her eyes was full of tearsHer body was full of fearsShe didn't know how to handle itLike her brain goes to her feet
It's nights like this Where my mind is a cage My thoughts rattling around behind the bars Negativity Hate Anxiety Insecurity Screaming at my from every angle I can't process my thoughts
Oh ... I suppose I'M The one Who Was supposed To Fix the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD! no? Then why isn't it done already?
Blank. Nothing.  Just fine. Peachy keen. Him. Him. His face. His eyes. His cheeks. His mouth. His smile. His laugh. His perfect teeth.
i claim exertion to the separation of curtains and search of sanctum,
That moment when  your Standing in a parking lot Clawing out your river-flowing eyes Collasping to your knees, screaming your frustration   The wind whips your face Uncaring that your soul shatters
You held me through the coldest of winters.We watched the colors of fall fade,And the world was washed away.Together we stayed warm and safe,Never afraid and never alone.But when spring came,
Blank and barren pages have been my eternal enemy Hours tick by The start of a new battle Pencil and ink strike first Blood flowing Making me whole for just another moment “You are no one!”
It's been a while since I left home. The fighting and the bickering Were like nails on my brain Gouging at my thoughts And always digging deeper. You think it stops when you leave That it's out of sight
Chaos, Destruction Is all going down I feel like I'm in a ghost town. Mind shattering Seeing different faces. My heart is torn In so many places.
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